Google My Business

Why Does Your Business Need a Professionally Managed Google My Business Listing?

You are surely aware of the significance of web marketing as a local business owner. Consumers utilized phone books in the past to find the addresses and phone numbers of neighboring businesses. However, statistics suggest that 70% of consumers nowadays never read their phone books. As a result, digital marketing channels such as Google My Business (GMB) are critical tools for local businesses to engage with their audiences and generate more walk-in visitors.

The Difficulties of Managing Your Google My Business Listing

Some business owners believe they can establish and control their own Google My Business listing. While creating a listing is pretty simple, optimizing and managing it is a different matter.

Google’s GMB listing ranking is determined by a complex algorithm. If a listing is not correctly optimized, it will rank lower than the listings of its competitors, resulting in poorer online visibility and traffic to the particular firm.

Customer reviews are another issue that business owners encounter while managing their GMB listing. According to Inc., 91 percent of consumers check online evaluations on a regular or infrequent basis. If a company’s Google My Business listing isn’t correctly optimized, it will struggle to get good reviews, limiting the utility of this otherwise potent marketing tool.

How a Professionally Managed Google My Business Listing Can Benefit Your Company

You may consider hiring a professional digital marketing agency to handle your local business’s GMB listing to maximize its exposure on Google and its linked properties.

A digital marketing agency can assist you in improving the ranking of your GMB listing. As a result, when a prospective consumer searches for a product or service offered by your company, your GMB listing will appear at the top of the search results. This is significant since Google only shows a small number of GMB listings on its actual search results page. A poorly designed listing is unlikely to rank in this prized digital real estate, resulting in increased visits to competitors’ websites instead.

A professionally kept GMB listing can also help your company’s brand recognition. They’ll add brand components like your logo, color scheme, and staff images to your listing to help customers remember who you are and what you offer.

Finally, a digital marketing agency can track critical indicators for your company’s GMB listing, such as the number of calls, directions requests, website visits, user-uploaded photographs, and more. These are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency to handle your company’s GMB profile.